Simple to use


Designed for your people, not the HR team!

The Academy has been designed to have a fresh, clean look that allows the learner to find what they’re looking for quickly and benefit from the training without being distracted.


Track progress in real time

The Learning Dashboard enables you to choose how much detail you want to see and view the results of your training in a click.

Real time metrics and simple progress indictors allow you and your team to see what’s working and what isn’t, enabling you to focus your efforts where they’re needed.


Easily manage users and groups

Adding, tracking and managing users is quick, easy and flexible.

Users can be grouped in numerous ways, allowing you to target your content with precision and deliver learning directly to those who need it; no more scattergun!


Intuitive Reporting

Create, view, analyse and export graphical reports in PDF format, for your convenience. These reports are customised by you, so you keep total control over how you track and report on your e-learning.

What's more, if you wanted to create any special types of reports, we can help you create a customised reporting module - ensuring you will get all of the information that you need for your business goals.


Convenient E-learning



Improve success by allowing people to learn at their own pace. Learning is rolled out quickly and more effectively.

Accessible anywhere, The Academy allows learners to train and develop in the best way for them - ensuring greater overall success.



Motivate and reward users with achievements as they progress through their e-learning journey.

Easily create your own achievements to make it suitable for your specific targets.


Create and manage your own content

Use your existing training content or create new information for one-off projects.

Assign users to specific elements, or have everybody go through the same training - it's entirely up to you.



Encourage users to engage with each other pre and post learning to maximise knowledge transfer.

Create virtual forums to sustain your e-learning and keep people focused on the lessons learned - long after the training has been delivered.


Smart Technology


Multi-platform access

Access your Academy on PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone - and it will automatically be optimised for that device.


Secure cloud-based storage

Host all of your content safely and securely in one space and access it anytime you want to.

There is no need to use bulky systems, just upload information to the cloud and use it whenever you want to.


Personalise it

Use your logo, colour scheme and custom content to make it your very own Academy.


Support included

Technical support is included in the price, should you ever need any help.


Constantly Improve


Flexible and scalable

The platform you buy doesn't need to stay the same!

It's easy to add new modules and feature or develop your platform further as your needs change - and we'll help you every step of the way.


Instant feedback

Allow your users to rate your content.

A simple rating system allows instant user feedback, so that you can measure - and continually improve - your e-learning content.


No boundaries

The Academy can be delivered in different languages and, because it is hosted in the cloud, can be accessed 24/7 across the globe.

It really is learning without boundaries.



With no bulky software to tie you down, The Academy is a low cost solution to answering your training and development needs.

The Academy
Learning the way you want it.

The Academy is an off-the-shelf online platform that lets you deliver learning the way your people want it.

You can deliver all your e-learning content from one customisable portal – allowing your team to learn from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.