Build your very own Academy


We have deliberately designed the platform to be both flexible and scalable – so The Academy can be adapted to suit your needs. 


We’ve already delivered bespoke e-learning solutions for a couple of our clients with great success, so there really is no limit to what you can do with your own Academy.

 Some benefits of a custom build include:



Fit for purpose 

With its clever design and our excellent technical team, The Academy can be adjusted to suit your needs – and can also interact with your existing systems. With no restrictions on build, or scope, we can design your very own unique Academy

Other things to note here include custom video streaming options, flexible hosting, curated content and integration with your other systems



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We can tailor The Academy to suit you 

If you have more people than on our price plans, whether you want bespoke-designed modules or if you want to rework some of the platform’s functionality to suit your organisation – we offer bespoke systems that we can build just for you




 We can help you with content

If you need content, we can help you to create and produce your own or find the best content that is already out there from industry-leading sources




Learning the way you want it!

We understand that you may need something that is explicitly designed to meet your unique e-learning needs. 

With our off-the-shelf options and flexibility in bespoke designs, your Academy can become whatever you need it to be