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From the classroom to SME’s; from non-profit organisations to large corporates – The Academy provides smart e-learning solutions to customers of all shapes and sizes.

Simplicity is key

Designed for the smart phone generation, The Academy’s crisp, intuitive and uncluttered design makes finding content a breeze and ensures e-learning is an engaging experience for all.

Simplicity is key and we have removed all the ‘fluff’ that is so commonplace with other e-learning platforms, delivering a solution that does what it’s meant to do – deliver learning materials to your people, in a way that they want it.

As unique as your organisation

The Academy is suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a fast-growing family business with 50 people or a FTSE100 powerhouse with tens of thousands of employees, The Academy could be just the e-learning platform you need.

Already in use across a number of large global businesses, The Academy is a fully road-tested platform that can be tailored to the needs of any organisation – with extra features that can, quite literally, be added at the touch of a button.


A total learning solution

The Academy is a total e-learning solution, created with the end user – the frontline employee – in mind.

Mobile enabled and with features such as a customisable user interface, the ability to collaborate with peers and simple-to-read progress indicators, The Academy is a fully customisable platform providing a fresh and simple e-learning experience that will grow with you.

Built by engagement experts

Our world class team are experts in employee communication, engagement and learning and they already work with some of the biggest organisations on the planet.

The Academy has been built from the ground up to deliver a different, more engaging, learning experience – and to help organisations unlock the value of their people.

The Academy
Learning the way you want it.

The Academy is an off-the-shelf online platform that lets you deliver learning the way your people want it.

You can deliver all your e-learning content from one customisable portal – allowing your team to learn from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.